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Sun. Dec. 17, 10:00 AM ET

11 Monster Moose You Didn’t Know About

Whether it’s their prehistoric features, breathtaking size or the dreamy destinations you can go to hunt them, moose seem to hold a special place in the heart of hunters everywhere.

Speaking of massive size, we’ve compiled this list, including a world record moose shot by “The Rackman” Real Langolis in 2008. And since you can watch the entire hunt onlilne, including Langlois’ closeup with a monster, we thought it was a worthy mention.

We’ve also got quite a few Average Joe’s thrown into the mix, like Aaron Folk with his North Dakota state record bull killed in 2012. For whatever reason, 2012 has already proven to be a great year for record moose, including Tom Condon’s 1,500-pound Alaskan giant killed in October. At the age of 73, Condon became the proud owner of a 73-inch spread rack, something he’ll never forget.

In celebration of all the great moose hunting going on this year and in the past, Game & Fish brings you our list of lost trophies. Hopefully it’s all the inspiration you need to plan your next destination moose hunt.

Aaron Folk

Aaron Folk killed this state record North Dakota moose in October 2012, with a green score of 166 and a 53-inch spread.

The Rackman

Real Langlois, who's been dubbed "The Rackman" for all his moose hunting exploits, bagged this world record bull in the Yukon with his bow in 2008. With a score of 249 1/8, The Rackman beat out Michael Cusack, whose 1973 bull moose scored 248. The most amazing thing about Langlois' kill? You can watch the whole thing on YouTube, where he makes a breathtaking five yard shot on this behemoth.

Eric Arnette

Eric Arnette killed this Yukon monster in 2004, with a B&C score of 236 and a span of 75 inches.

Frank Dean

Frank Dean took this massive bull, with a 75 inch spread, in September 2012 in the Yukon territory with Jim Shockey's outfitter. According to Shockey, it's their biggest moose to date, which says a lot for the veteran guide.

Houle Brothers

Robert Houle and his brother William shot this New Hampshire bull moose in 2011, weighing in at 1,300 pounds—just 100 pounds short of the state record.

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